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Semantic Web Ontology for Requirements Engineering (SWORE)

Release 2018-10-28

version 2.01 - Customizations for documentation version 2.0 (the generic one) - 2011-11-02 - Thomas and Steffen: - subclasses of ReferencePoint removed - alignment to DOAP vocabulary - cardinalities on requirements class edited - CC license added - descriptions revised and edited version 1.9 - 2011-10-28 - Steffen Lohmann - changeLog: - MUTO instead of TAGS as tagging ontology - consistent German and Englisch labels - additional requirements relations - imports removed - further alignments: - req:Document to foaf:Document - sioc:User (deprecated) to sioc:UserAccount - DC to DCTERMS - used additional DCTERMS properties (dcterms:created, dcterms:modified, dcterms:references) - added global requirement properties (re:status, req:priority, req:quality) - equivalentClass instead of subproperty alignments (to avoid "ontology hijacking") - skos:Concept no longer subclass of req:referencePoint version 1.05 - for requirements management we added a general class ApplicationDecision version 1.04 - as a result of practical experiences the Abstract classes like AbstractRequirement, AbstractReferencePoint, AbstractSource are not necessary anymore; we renamed them version 1.03 - alignement to tag und dc improved; version 1.01 - Alignment to SIOC, FOAF and SKOS added version 1.00 - Thomas Riechert, Steffen Lohmann, Kim Lauenroth, Philipp Heim - starting the next generation of SWORE on 8th of July 2008 in Duisburg version 0.8 - Sebastian Dietzold - skos, tags and dc alignment (title now functional) version 0.7 - Sebastian Dietzold - labels completed and namespace correction version 0.6 - name space changed to version 0.5 - refined by Thomas according to ESWC Poster submission version 0.4 - refined by Jens on the way home from Essen version 0.3 - refined by Jens during discussion with Kim and Steffen on 13 March 2007 in Essen version 0.2 - refined by Thomas and Jens in the evening of 12 March 2007 in Essen version 0.1 - simple initial version by Thomas and Jens before meeting in Essen
Jens Lehmann
Kim Lauenroth
Philipp Heim
Sebastian Tramp
Steffen Lohmann
Thomas Riechert
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The authors would like to thank Silvio Peroni for developing LODE, a Live OWL Documentation Environment, which is used for representing the Cross Referencing Section of this document and Daniel Garijo for developing Widoco, the program used to create the template used in this documentation.